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Mission Statement

Our commitment is to serve our clients throughout Mississippi and Alabama with highly accurate and easy to understand surveys, produced in an affordable and timely manner, using state of the art technology.


Survey Project Experience

Past surveying projects include numerous boundary, easement, and estate division surveys. We also have experience in as-built, construction staking, and volume determination surveys.

Occasionally, Witness Tree has teamed with other firms in order to provide the best services to our customers. By doing so, allows us to scale up when necessary and offer a broad range of experienced capabilities.


Working hard to be your surveyor of choice!

If you are looking for a survey, give us the opportunity to submit a proposal for your surveying and mapping requirements.


Our Service Areas

Our primary areas served include the Mississippi counties of: Covington, Forrest, Greene, Jasper, Jeff Davis, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Simpson, Smith, and Stone. Need a survey at a location in either Mississippi or Alabama not previously listed, give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your surveying needs and probably can help.


Witness Tree Forestry and Surveying, LLC abides by the following principles:

  • Delivery of professional, timely, reliable consulting services;
  • Honesty and integrity with customers;
  • Accuracy of the project deliverable;
  • Quality of the overall customer experience;
  • Compliance with State of MS & AL regulations for licensed land surveyors.


Our company is equipped with GPS. total station, and data collector. We are also equipped with a laptop on site that allows us to make changes if necessary.

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Mississippi Land Surveying Services

Here are a few of the land surveying and forestry related services we can perform on your behalf.

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Boundary Surveys - Locating, setting, marking, & mapping your property corners and property lines.

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate - Required by insurance companies & some municipalities for determining flood insurance rates & required building elevations.
Boundary Survey Mississippi
Topographic Surveys in Mississippi
  • Topographic Surveys - Used to identify & map features such as elevations, streams, hills, trees, & buildings.
  • ALTA Surveys -Required by lenders when issuing titles or mortgage insurance, generally for commercial properties.
  • Geodetic Control Surveys - Establishes positions of points with a high degree of accuracy in order to support activities such as mapping and GIS, property boundary surveys, & construction projects.
  • As-Built/Record Surveys- Plats the final location of construction projects.
  • GIS Mapping - Data is compiled into a Geographic Information System to produce searchable mapping products.
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(601) 441-4359

Proudly Serving The Following Mississippi Counties

Covington County, MS

39479 - Seminary, MS39428 - Collins, MS39119 - Mt. Olive, MS

Mississippi Land Surveying Service Areas

Jefferson Davis County, MS

39421 - Bassfield, MS39474 - Prentiss, MS39427 - Carson, MS

Jones County, MS

39440 - Laurel, MS39441 - Laurel, MS39442 - Laurel, MS39437 - Ellisville, MS39480 - Soso, MS39477 - Sandersville, MS39464 - Ovette, MS39459 - Moselle, MS

Smith County, MS

39153 - Raleigh, MS39116 - Mize, MS39168 - Taylorsville, MS

Wayne County, MS

39367 - Waynesboro, MS39362 - State Line, MS

Clarke County, MS

39347 - Pachuta, MS39360 - Shubuta, MS39355 - Quitman, MS

Rankin County, MS

39151 - Puckett, MS39073 - Florence, MS

Lamar County, MS

39482 - Sumrall, MS39475 - Purvis, MS39455 - Lumberton, MS

Forrest County, MS

39401 - Hattiesburg, MS39402 - Hattiesburg, MS39403 - Hattiesburg, MS39404 - Hattiesburg, MS39406 - Hattiesburg, MS39465 - Petal, MS (also Runnelstown, MS)39425 - Brooklyn, MS

Jasper County, MS

39422 - Bay Springs, MS39439 - Heidelburg, MS39338 - Louin / Montrose, MS

Greene County, MS

39451 - Leakesville, MS39461 - Neely, MS

Lincoln County, MS

39601 - East Lincoln, MS39602 - Brookhaven, MS39603 - Brookhaven, MS

Walthall County, MS

39667 - Tylertown, MS

Marion County, MS

39429 - Columbia, MS39483 - Foxworth, MS39643 - Kokomo, MS

Simpson County, MS

39111 - Magee, MS39114 - Mendenhall, MS39044 - Braxton / Harrisville, MS39062 - D'Lo, MS

Perry County

39476 - Richton, MS39462 - New Augusta, MS39423 - Beaumont, MS

Lawrence County, MS

39654 - Monticello, MS39663 - Silver Creek, MS39140 - New Hebron, MS39656 - Oak Vale, MS

Copiah County, MS

39078 - Georgetown, MS39083 - Hazlehurst, MS

Pearl River County, MS

39470 - Poplarville, MS

Stone County, MS

39577 - Wiggins, MS
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Survey Cost?

Surveying cost varies depending upon such variables as: property type. survey type, services requested, topography, sight line obstructions, acreage, legal description types, etc. Depending on the type of survey, the size of the property, and location. You may contact us at (601) 441-4359 to discuss your surveying needs and schedule an appointment to review the property and receive a free quote.

Don't all the GPS/electronic devices you use cause discrepancies with the earlier survey?

Quite often our measurements are more precise, but it is important to remember that the laws established regarding boundary survey will not affect the location on the ground. The original corners, regardless of position, will always be the legal corners. The devices we use basic ally give us greater speed and efficiency, but the improvements in accuracy of measurements will not change your boundaries.

Does a Land Survey Show Me What I Own?

Land surveys do not show the landowner what he or she “owns,” but rather is the Professional Land Surveyor’s opinion of the physical location of the landowner’s boundary based on various forms of evidence.

I have a drawing/photo/map from the tax assessor, isn't that a survey?

Not really. Hopefully the tax assessor has maps made from surveys in the area, but they generally take deeds, draw into a geographic information system and make them fit with the other properties as best they can.

Witness Tree Surveying

What is a Title Commitment? Why do I need one?

A Title Commitment is a precursor to your Title Insurance Policy. Title Insurance assures that the policy holder is financially protected from adverse claims against the ownership of your property. Typically, a land surveyor will ask to see a copy of your Title Commitment to verify the land description, recorded easements, and recorded encumbrances pertaining to said property. A title commitment is a useful information tool for everyone involved in a land transaction. Also called a title opinion and CT, Certificate of Title.

Why would I Need a Survey?

To find the boundaries, of your land. To build, to develop, to satisfy local code or building requirements. To find out whether you have encroachments on your land or not. To find out where the land is that you own. Disputing something with a neighbor due to building, landscaping, fencing or using the land without knowing where the common boundary line is.

What I should provide before a survey is conducted?

  • Purpose of the survey/future use of property.
  • A brief history of ownership and previous conveyances
  • A copy of the deed, or the book and page number where the deed is recorded in the county clerk’s office
  • Survey plats from previous surveys.
  • The location of and any disagreements about corners and property lines
  • Names and addresses of adjacent landowners
  • A copy of all title examination notes.

Who can survey my property?

Only a licensed Professional Surveyor can legally survey your property. A Professional Surveyor stands behind their opinion and certifies to the best of their knowledge the location of the property.

What is an easement?

An easement is the right to use the land of another while the title to the land remains with the owner. However, use of the land is subject to the easement.

Common types of easements are Utility Easements and ingress/egress easements. A Utility Easement grants a public utility company the right to use that strip of land for their system while ingress/egress easements llow someone to travel across another's property. Some easements restrict the use of property,such as prventing the owner from erecting advertising signs along a roadway, or limiting the height of a building.

How Long will it take to Complete the Survey?

This depends on the type of survey needed. The average boundary survey can be completed within two weeks from Notice-to-Proceed. Some large surveys may take a little longer.

Why do surveys cost so much?

Boundary surveys may be relatively inexpensive, if the original monuments exist at the mapped positions. The cost goes up depending upon the availability of original monuments or the complexities involved in establishing the original positions of the monuments. A Land Surveyors job is to locate the position of the boundary in the same location as established by the original creating surveyor. Older parcels can require a great deal of research and analysis to determine when the parcel was created and what surveys have taken place that may have perpetuated the original evidence. A heavily vegetated or fully landscaped property will increase the cost of a survey. Some surveys types inccur some risk for the surveyor that must be compensated for.

What is a monument?

Not the same as a property corner, but usually people think they are the same thing. Monuments are the physical marker locating the "corner." Older ones tend to be axles, pine knots, railroad spikes, pipes, motor grader blades, etc. Most surveyors use 1/2 inch rebar with survey caps today, depending upon the location.

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Witness Tree Surveying Team

(601) 441-4359

John Graham, PLS, RF


John M. Graham is a Licensed Professional Land surveyor, serving Alabama since 2014 & Mississippi since 2015. In addition to being a PLS, John is also a Registered Forester in both Mississippi and Alabama.

John enjoys his family and spending time outdoors.

  • Certificate of Land Surveying - University of Wyoming
  • BS Forestry - Louisiana Tech University
  • AAS Forestry Technology - Jones County Junior College

Amy Graham


Amy Graham - Office Manager - Amy is a multitasker maintaining the overall running of the office including bookkeeping, billing, courthouse research, and even helps survey out in the field when needed.

Amy enjoys homeschooling her children and is active in a local Homeschool Group.

BS Recreation - University of Southern Mississippi

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